Wildlife Photographers & links to their web sites

Wildlife Photographers - many of whom I've had the pleasure in meeting here at the Red Kite feeding station..
Andy Rouse - photography with bite!
Andy Rouse - Wildlife Photographer

Chris Gomersall - bird photography
Chris Gomersall - Wildlife Photographer
Andy became a professional wildlife photographer in 1995. He has built a reputation for his stunning images characterised by novel viewpoints and getting close to dangerous mammals. A charismatic personality, Andy is equally at home in front of the camera having appeared on numerous television productions.
Chris’s photography is probably best known to the one million members of the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds where he had the enviable job of staff photographer for some fourteen years, before leaving to pursue a solo career in November 1998. June 2001 saw the launch of Chris’s first major book 'Photographing Wild Birds,' published by David and Charles Limited.

George McCarthy - Professional wildlife photographer
George McCarthy - Wildlife Photographer
Laurie Campbell - natural history photographer
Laurie Campbell - Natural History Photographer

George McCarthy is recognised as one of the UK's leading professional nature photographers. Not surprisingly his work has often featured in advertising and has been used by prestigious companies and organisations such as Kodak, Canon and the RSPB.
Laurie Campbell is one of Scotland's leading natural history and landscape photographers, and his own picture library of over 120,000 images is the most extensive of its kind by any single photographer working in Scotland. He also contributes to four other libraries.

Mike Lane, Nature photography
Mike Lane - Nature Photography

Guy Edwards photography
Guy Edwardes - Wildlife & Landscapes
Mike is a widely travelled wildlife photographer spending half the year abroad, although his main love is British birds and mammals which are far more challenging to photograph. Part of the year he devotes to lecturing and workshops, but the more time spent in the field the happier he is.
I have been a professional nature and landscape photographer for six years. My career began soon after graduating from a degree in photography, following various courses in nature conservation. Now I concentrate on stock photography, with The Image Bank (Getty Images) acting as my main international agent.

John Gardener/wildscenes.com
John Gardner - wildlife photography

Adrian Winter - photography
Adrian Winter
I am a professional wildlife photographer specialising in high quality nature and landscape photographs. As a naturalist I have travelled extensively throughout the world in search of birds, visiting countries and continents as diverse as China, India, North Africa, the Middle East, Europe and most of North America at one time or another.
Adrian Winter. I am able to provide a variety of images for publishers and advertisers around the world with a need for high quality images of the following subjects: atmospheric landscapes, British flora and fauna, agriculture, environmental, abstract natural history images, calendar quality scenic and travel images.


James Silverthorne

Mike attwood - photographer
Mike Attwood - Photographer
James Silverthorne http://www.jamessilverthorne.com  Nature photographer based in the south west of england. Including Stock photography,print sales and workshops.
In 2000 Mike was awarded a distinction by the Royal Photographic Society for his portfolio on disabled athletes. Being a keen ornithologist Mike now combines his photography with a love of birds, especially raptors.

Hans Martens - Wildlife Photographer
Hans Martens - Wildlife Photographer
Paula Graham - Wild things Wildlife photographer
Paula Graham - Wild things
Wildlife photographer
Hans Martens is a dutch wildlife photographer.
He has focussed mainly on the African continent and travelled about a dozen countries in eastern, western and southern Africa on his phototrips. Almost ten years ago he completed a Safari Guide training in South Africa. Recently he is concentrating more at Europe and specially the local birdlife.
This site illustrates how one dedicated enthusiast, Paula Graham, is setting about the task.
It shows how 3 acres in Devon (UK) are being transformed into a haven, and a larder of plenty for all wildlife.

Apart from the 'gallery' pages, the 'Your pics' and 'News' pages also contain many wildlife images.

Geoff Simpson - Wildlife Photographer
Geoff Simpson - Wildlife Photographer

Philip Newman - Nature photographer
Philip Newman - Nature photographer
Geoff has devoted a lifetime to studying and documenting the natural world through photography. Described in both Practical Photography and Photography Monthly magazines "as one of Britain's leading wildlife photographers" he is driven by expressing the beauty and intricacy of Britain's wildlife, wild nature and the wild places he so cares about. He brings to his work a strong personal vision combined with supreme technical mastery of his chosen medium.
Philip Newman is a Scotland based wildlife photographer who travels widely in his pursuit of natural history images.  Whenever possible he prefers to experiment with creative lighting, slow shutter speeds and action for which he finds digital photography particularly well suited.

stag with braken over antlers
Graham Eaton Wildlife Photography

Stephen round bird photography
Steven Round - Bird Photographer
International award winning wildlife photography by Graham Eaton. Graham tries to provide images of wildlife from alternative perspective, typified in his underwater image of a Mallard from the Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2007.
Having been a keen birdwatcher on and off for most of my life I decided to take up photographing them seriously in May 2003, which is when I bought myfirst digital slr camera. This website is a showcase of my work which isconstantly being updated with my latest images.

Andrew is a devoted wildlife and landscape photographer
Andrew Hardman

Klaus Honal Germany based Wildlife Photographer
Klaus Honal Germany based Wildlife Photographer
Andrew is a devoted wildlife and landscape photographer based in the lakedistrict. Although he travels worldwide his main passion is photographingBritish wildlife which has resulted in a large stock and fine art print library.
I was born in Wassertrüdingen, a small town in Middle Franconia, Bavaria, in 1961.
Since 1987 I have been devoting myself to Nature photography, and in the course of the past years I gathered some considerable photo archives, which I decided to put on the market via Picture agencies and publishing companies in 1994.

Barry Harwood Nature Photography
Harwood Nature Photography

Ophrys photography
As a full time professional photographer, I am one of those fortunate few who can honestly say that they make their living doing something they both enjoy and feel passionate about. With my nature photography, I have tried to elevate simple nature photographs into photographic works of art.

Barrie Harwood

My name is John Devries and I am the Photographer of Ophrys Photography. If you would like to put a face to the website please feel free to read more in my Bio.
The aim of Ophrys Photography is to provide images of natural subjects which are of high artisitic merit, technical quality and in the case of some rare species – of scientific value.
Alan saunders wildlife photography
Alan saunders wildlife photography

Photography de Kuyper Wildlife photographer
Photography de Kuyper Wildlife photographer
Alan Saunders is an amateur wildlife photographer based in Stockport. He has been taking wildlife images for the past 2 years. At present his website is a showcase of British wildlife birds either in captivity or in the wild. He is also available for publications and advertising work and has very recently had some of his work published in the Motoring and leisure magazine.
The love for nature and wildlife began at a very young age.
In the nineties I studied at the school of photography in Apeldoorn, The Netherlands. My goal is to bring more understanding in the world for animals, wildlife and the outback in general. With my photo's I want people to see how many beatiful nature we have left today and that it is very important to preserve what we have today.
Eric de Kuyper


My name is Philip Price and I am a full time wildlife photographer and tour guide. I also run one day wildlife and digital photography tours on the banks of Loch Awe, in Argyll. Uniquely we provide all equipment, including pro standard cameras, therefore it is suitable for any person who fancies a great day out, regardless of experience or whether they own a camera or not.
Danny Laredo
Wildlife photography,
Tel 972+52+8908238

I'm Gary John, I've been interested in wildlife as long as I can remember. Unfortunately life took me on a different path. So, at the time of life when I should be buying a Harley Davidson, I purchased a motorhome, a camera, and set off looking for wildlife.
Jane O'Dwyer Wildlife Photography. My photography covers a range of wildlife, mainly birds and mammals, also a few insects, and domestic animals in their natural environment. My work takes the form of commission work, charities/charity work, exhibitions, talks, workshops and competition judging.

Rob Howdon - photographer of horses, Dogs, and things
Rob Howdon - Specialist photographer

Adrian Mc Grath Nature Photographer
I have been asked to photograph hunt and point-to-point meetings. This is an area in which I shall be specialising. My intention is to provide a high quality photographic service to the hunts in the Midlands area. I have a special affinity with working dogs and dog portraiture is another area I would particularly like to develop.
My name is Adrian Mc Grath I am a keen Naturalist from Northern Ireland.
I have been Photographing Wildlife and the Environment for 2 years. I continue to build my Archives. I have travelled to Canada and USA and continue to plan my expeditions to see the various Wildlife and Scenery.

red squirrel
Darren Chaplin
8 Frampton Road
SS14 3ND
Allen is based in South Wales and has been a respected landscape photographer for more than twenty years. He also has a love of nature photography. Allen runs workshops in landscape and digital photography, for photographers of all abilities.Allen has gained awards at national and international level with photographs ranging from landscapes to birds, and steam trains to rugby action pictures. His website contains some stunning images and is well worth a visit!
Bull finch
Tony Wharton is a freelance nature photographer based in the West Midlands.

He covers a very broad spectrum of subject matter, both at home and abroad.

He has tutored many courses on nature photography and taken many parties overseas.
Richard and Angela Knisley-Marpole

Archaeological Surveying, Kite Arial Photography, and Widlife Photography.

Simon Thurgood Widlife Photographer
Ray Wilson is a keen amateur photographer whose work has been published worldwide in numerous magazines and books but mainly takes photos just for the sheer thrill of it.
I am a semi professional wildlife photographer based in Dawlish Devon and have been taking pictures of wildlife for most of my life, enjoy getting up close and personal and the wilder the better!!

Hope you enjoy looking around my site.
David Shaw Wildlife
Iain S Byrne is a photographer and writer based in the northwest. Iain’spassion for nature is evident in his work, which has been recognized in theUK, Europe, USA and Australia and has currently images displayed by the US Fish and Wildlife Service in Utah, USA.
David and Janet love taking pictures especially of wildlife and have a wide selection of pictures of birds animals and landscapes from our travels in Europe, UK and Africa.  We have supplied images to the R.S.P.B. for their 'Aren't birds Brilliant' campaign - peregrines, kittiwakes and starlings and have had pictures published by the press notably of peregrine falcons.

Barry Boswell: I have been taking pictures of British birds for about 4 years. This is purely a hobby and my website is non-commecial. It does contain a good variety of bird images - about 170 species so far and rising steadily.

Edward Charles a professional photographer for 25 years has gained distinctions with The British Institute of Professional Photographers, The Master Photographers Association, The Royal Photographic Society and The Guild of Photographers. His interest in wildlife led him on an OU course and then a qualification in zoology and he turned his attentions to wildife film making, instead of stills photography.
Stuart Elsom Bird & Wildlife Photographer
 Stuart Elsom is an amateur photographer based in Cambridgeshire, England and combines his loves of photography with leading birdwatching tours. He has photographed birds extensively in the UK and Europe with regular visits to many sites across Africa, North America, The Caribbean and South America. His images have appeared in birding magazines, books and CD Rom birding guides.
Ron Mcome welcomes you to his wildlife photography website. Based in Scotland in the Scottish Borders and travelling around the UK, Europe and the USA photographing what has become a passion for him, wild birds and animals. He can be regularly seen in the Farne Islands, the Bass Rock, The Cairngorms and The Shetland Islands as well as The Isle of Mull, The Trishnish Isles, Ardnamurchan and the Hebrides in search of the wild birds he loves to photograph.


Pete, Stewart, Peter Stewart, Photography, Fylde Coast, Images, Photographs, Photos, Pete Stewart Photograph
Graeme Lee is an amateur wildlife photographer based in Devon and his ever growing interest in photography coupled with his love of nature is demonstrated on his website. Long term project work with specific species is Graeme’s next target so keep an eye out on his website over the coming months.


To most who know me I am just ‘Dee’, but in fact I was born Diarmid Ewen Cameron Doody in what was Bulawayo, Southern Rhodesia in 1952. In the 1980s he worked for the R.S.P.B. and is one of the foremost experts on the Red Kite. He has worked hard for over 25 years to protect this magnificent bird and helped, along with others, to bring it back from the brink of extinction to its current status in Wales. He also raised and released the very first Kites back into the Highlands of Scotland in 1989.
Peter Clarke specialises in nature photography from the United Kingdom covering a wide range of subjects from dramatic landscapes and seascapes to plants and animal behaviour. His passion is for the wild places in Britain where humankind's hand is barely, if ever, noticeable.
http://www.wildoceanphotography.com/ Rossana Milligan
Golden Eagle
Rosanna Milligan is a marine biologist, keen SCUBA diver and wildlife photographer, currently based in Glasgow, Scotland. She loves being at sea, and this is where she finds most of her photographic subjects, both above and below the surface of the green Scottish waters. Hopefully, some of her passion for the marine environment is conveyed in her work, and you'll find something new and interesting in the galleries.
Dean has been involved in photography for over 25 years and runs a successful family photography business (Eden Images),(www.eden-images.co.uk) with his wife Fiona. He enjoys all aspects of photography, from landscapes to portraits and weddings, but it's the beauty and wonder of nature and wildlife that really causes delight.

by Anthony Murden
Jason Curtis is an amateur British wildlife photographer with over 13 years experience, based in Worcestershire and specialising in high quality nature images. As a naturalist he has closely studied the flora and fauna of the UK for over 30 years and is devoted to studying and documenting the natural world through photography.
I am a keen amateur wildlife and landscape photographer based in Greater Manchester. My website presents images which demonstrate the diversity and beauty of the UK


Peter Willliams Wildlife photogrpher and painter


Photography seemed to seep into me at an early age. The early (1950's) boyhood years and the middle years (1960's - 1990's) were nearly all about low budget still recording and grabbed shots, beside one, very low budget, movie, 'Michael Morpurgo's Farm for city children'. The black & white film was shot in Devon. However more recently some of my digital images have been published and feature on www.greatbritishlife.co.uk and my next article is a work in progress...
Linda photographs wild and captive birds of prey. As a professional scientist, she is committed to wildlife conservation and is a Trustee of the National Birds of Prey Trust. She also runs courses in photography at the ICBP in Gloucestershire. Her work is widely published and she contributes to four photo libraries.

white tailed eagle by Ian Leach

red kite - milvus milvus
Iain Leach UK wildlife photography. Mainly British birds but also other wildlife, particularly butterflies and dragonflies. Andrew Sproule is a Kent based photographer specialising in wildlife, landscape and travel photography. He has travelled extensively and his work has appeared in numerous publications.

He has had a fascination for the natural world for as long as he can remember and observing and photographing nature's special moments is his passion.