Photographic Hides for Photography & Filming Red Kites


While the normal kite feeding hides are more than adequate for photography for those with compact SLRS and pocket cameras, we have built these specialist photographic hides for photographers with lenses 300mm and upwards. How to photograph red kites by Graeme Eaton

It is now possible to pre-book in the Gateway hide, Tower hides, and Wheelchair accessible hide, in advance.

Normal admissions to the farm are included in the prices below.

If your plans change after booking it would be helpful if you could to let us know as soon as possible.

No bookings will be accepted on Thursday & Friday, outside school holidays. See our 2018 opening times

The Wheelchair accessible photographic hide

Wheelchair accessible hideThis new hide has the same roof arrangements as the tower; – the front half of the hide has no roof so allowing full access to birds in flight and those coming in for food, while the rear of the building has cover in case of unpredictable weather. A seat will also be available inside for use by an assistant if required. Outside there is room to park a vehicle next to the ramp. The entrance is over 850mm wide.

Admission to this facility is £12.00/photographer/day

Please bring your receipt with you.

Clothing. As you will be very visible from above it would be prudent to wear unremarkable colours. Details of other wheelchair accessible hides and facilities at Gigrin can be found by clicking Here.

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The GateWay hide

GateWay-hideThis is a good 12ft closer to the kites than the towers. The aperture of this facility reaches from the roof board down to the level of the existing hides windowsills.

Admission to the Gateway hide is £15.00/person. Please bring your receipt with you.

With this addition there is a complete line of hides so nowhere for the birds to see humans walking by. The image shows the window area. This gives a major advantage for large lenses and film cameras.

Steve Plume has used the Gateway – see his images on flikr.

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Tower hide

Tower-hide2The Tower on the right is around 5m (16ft) wide, and about 2.1 meters (7ft) deep. Benches and coat hooks are under the roofed area of this photographic hide. The gated stairs runs up the left side of the hide.

This hide can accommodate 4 persons with tripods or 5 without.

Admission to the Tower hide is £20/person.

Clothing. As you will be very visible above the roof-line it would be prudent to wear unremarkable colours..

These towers have a partial roof as protection should the weather be fickle, a bench is fixed at the rear of the hide and coat hooks are on the left side. They have a green line on their floors behind which standing is permitted in  the hide should be at least 10 minutes before feeding begins as trials have shown disturbance to the birds when heads first pop above the parapet.

Steve Plume has used the Tower – see his images on flikr.

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Big Tower hide

Big-Tower-hideAnother photographic hide facility has come on line – the Big Tower hide.

This is similar in design but is 1.5m taller than the existing tower, and is just over 10m wide.

The stairs runs up the back of this hide, with a gate at the bottom and a rest at the halfway point.

This hide can accommodate 7 persons with tripods or 8 without.

Admission to the Big Tower hide is £25/person.

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