The Red Kite Feeding & Rehabilitation Centre!

Mid Wales has the greatest density and diversity of birds of prey in southern Britain... Mid Wales was home to the last remaining Native Red Kites. Now, due to the hard work of the Conservation bodies here in Wales, Red Kites are once again in the ascendance.
    red kite takes food

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    Gigrin Cafe is now open with delicious cakes, and sandwiches, coffee selections, and cold drinks. 5 star rating for cleanliness. Meet Nicki and Ginny in the Cafe


"Truly World Class" Simon King, Spring Watch 2009.
"For Red Kites like you've probably never seen them before, and an exhibition of wildlife - friendly farming, Gigrin Farm is worth a visit".
Bill Oddie - Ornithologist.
"Surely the largest, most fantastic bird table in the world" -
BBC Wildlife MagazineMax the Spanial - watching a stick..
"The Best place to see, and photograph red kites in Europe" -
Amateur Photographer Magazine

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